StarTree Cloud vs. Elasticsearch for Real-Time Analytics

Say goodbye to indexing challenges, data scalability issues, and high operational costs with StarTree Cloud, the leading Elasticsearch alternative for OLAP.

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Elasticsearch is a great search engine, but it wasn’t designed to be an analytics database. StarTree Cloud, the ultimate Elasticsearch alternative for real-time analytics, powered by Apache Pinot is the leading platform providing unmatched performance and ease of use.

6 Reasons to Switch from Elasticsearch to StarTree Cloud

Low-Latency Aggregations at Scale

Maintain performant aggregations against petabytes of data, with latencies measured in milliseconds.

Fast & Flexible Indexing

Leverage multiple indexing options, including the star-tree index for fast and efficient query results.

Better Tiered Storage Solution

Get results in seconds, not minutes with tiered storage designed for fast analytics.

User-Facing Analytics

Unlock your data for internal & external users by supporting extremely high concurrency queries (100,000+ QPS).

Reduce Spend

Save significantly on infrastructure spend with more efficient memory & column storage.

Designed for Purpose

Built for fast, real-time user-facing online analytics processing (OLAP).

StarTree Cloud, Powered by Apache Pinot™

StarTree Cloud, the leading Elasticsearch alternative for OLAP, was purposefully designed for real-time analytics and reporting. It is well-suited for applications that require instant insights into large datasets without needing additional customizations, configurations, or plugins for complex queries. StarTree Cloud can handle high-throughput, low-latency queries, making it ideal for a variety of use cases across social media and collaboration platforms, delivery and ridesharing services, retail and telecommunications companies, financial services, and more.

StarTree Cloud also has additional advantages over Apache Pinot, including StarTree Data Manager, which makes for easy no-code ingestion of data from event streaming systems like Apache Kafka®, live Change Data Capture (CDC) from transactional databases, as well as batch-oriented systems, object stores and a wide variety of data formats.

Real User Stories

— Yupeng Fu

"We use Apache Pinot as a core system to empower mission-critical use cases."

— Yupeng Fu, Uber

Uber fully replaced Elasticsearch with Apache Pinot for its time-sensitive real-time analytics. By migrating, they saved more than $2M on infrastructure costs per year and reduced their overall data size by 120TB. The team also saw a 50% reduction in database cores and reduced page load time from 14 seconds to less than 5 seconds. With Apache Pinot, Uber can do real-time upserts and get query results from 1.5PB of data with <100ms P99 latencies.

    — Vaibhav Mittal

    "Once we saw the raw numbers we decided Elasticsearch should no longer be considered for our further analyses."

    — Vaibhav Mittal, Cisco WebEx

    Cisco WebEx moved from Elasticsearch to Apache Pinot after seeing how it outperformed their existing infrastructure. Apache Pinot brought query times of 10-30 seconds in Elasticsearch down to sub-second speeds. Apache Pinot was also found to be 4× faster than Clickhouse in most cases in Cisco WebEx’ head-to-head benchmarking comparison.


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      Advantages of StarTree Cloud

      Compare the features of Apache Pinot to Elasticsearch and you’ll see Pinot offers far more flexible indexing and ingestion capabilities to perform real-time analytics.

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      Data Structure    

      Column Store for Efficient Analytics


      Multi-Stage Query-Time JOINs

      Conformance to ANSI SQL

      Indexing Strategies    

      Inverted Index

      Sorted Index

      Range Index

      JSON Index

      Geospatial Index

      Star-Tree Index

      Bloom Filter

      Text Index

      Timestamp Index

      Sparse Index


      Upserts (Full-row and partial row)

      Change Data Capture (CDC)

      Out-of-Order Handling

      Real-Time Deduplication

      Event Streaming Integration    

      Apache Kafka

      Apache Kinesis

      Apache Pulsar

      Google PubSub

      Data Warehouse Connectors (Batch Ingestion)    


      Delta Lake

      Google Big Query

      Object Store Support (Batch Ingestion)    

      Amazon S3

      Via Amazon Lambda

      Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

      Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2

      Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

      Batch Ingestion File Formats    


      As Logstash Events





      Protocol Buffers (Profobuf)

      As Logstash Events



      Data Analytics Integration    

      Apache Spark 3

      Tiered Storage    

      Multi-Volume Tiering

      Compute Node Separation

      Via Mulitple Tenants

      Cloud Object Storage*

      Via "Frozen Tier"

      *Not All Tiered Storage is the Same

      StarTree Cloud offers tiered storage in a way that far exceeds the performance of Elasticsearch. StarTree allows you to run your application’s fastest data on locally attached NVMe storage. Or you can also use block storage for greater resiliency. Plus you can use cost-effective distributed object stores such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Data Lake Storage. Performance on these objects stores will be far faster than Elasticsearch’s “Frozen Tier,” which will produce query results in scales measured by minutes, not seconds.

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