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    Learn about fundamental concepts and terms

    What is Apache Pinot™?

    Apache Pinot is an open source distributed database designed for real-time, user-facing analytics.

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    What is Real-Time Analytics?

    Real-time analytics is a computer science discipline wherein massive amounts of data generated in relatively short time needs to be ingested, stored, and indexed, followed by additional processes that can search, filter, aggregate, and process that stored data against specific queries to produce results.

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    What is User-Facing Analytics?

    User-facing analytics, or customer-facing analytics, are a subset of the domain of real-time analytics that provide massively concurrent query support.

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    Further Readings

    Your chance to dive deep into Apache Pinot and how it's used in the real world

    Free E-Book - Building Real-Time Analytics Systems

    Discover why and how organizations are building real-time analytics platforms using such tools as Apache Pinot and Apache Kafka.


    Top 6 Real-Time Analytics Use Cases

    Explore 6 Real-World Use Cases including fraud detection, personalization, business metrics monitoring, and more


    User Focus

    Insights from existing users running real-time analytics at scale

    Sovrn Moves from 24-Hour Delay to Real-Time Data with StarTree Cloud

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    Webex Meets Unprecedented Analytics Demand with Pinot

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    Walmart and Razorpay Power Real-Time Analytics with Apache Pinot

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    StarTree Brief

    Compact summaries of Apache Pinot™ use cases and functionality breakdowns

    Rich Indexing Drives Apache Pinot’s Unprecedented Speed

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    5 Key Reasons to Choose Apache Pinot For User Facing Analytics

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    Apache Pinot - Versatility For Real-Time Analytics Use Cases

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    StarTree Videos

    Watch educational videos on the StarTree Products that take your real-time applications to the next level.

    The Magic of Tiered Storage in StarTree Cloud | Neha Pawar & Tim Berglund

    See how the concept of Tiered Storage in StarTree Cloud compares to the wizarding world of Harry Potter in this lightboard video.

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    Sovrn: Revolutionizing AdTech with Apache Pinot and StarTree

    Hear how Sovrn, a leader in the AdTech industry, partnered with StarTree to help them bring real-time analytics to their customers.

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    Real-Time Anomaly Detection: Just Eat + StarTree ThirdEye

    Leon Graveland highlights Just Eat's data-driven evolution amidst pandemic-induced challenges.

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    Pinot Videos

    Learn the basics of real-time analytics and the database that is optimized for it: Apache Pinot™.

    What is Apache Pinot? (and User-Facing Analytics)

    A lightoard video brought to you by Tim Berglund.

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    What is Real-Time Analytics?

    A lightboard video brought to you by Tim Berglund

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    Apache Pinot 1.0 | Overview of Latest Features and Updates

    Announcing Apache Pinot 1.0! 1.0 has introduced new features to support query-time native JOINs, upsert capabilities, NULL value support in queries, and more.

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    Apache Pinot Resources

    Upcoming Events

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    (April 27) Real-Time Analytics Meetup: Apache Pinot X Moveworks

    Join us for a Saturday morning of insightful sessions & brunch, as we delve into the OSS technology shaping the field!

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    (May 2) Apache Pinot Roadmap 2024 Meetup

    Explore what other community members are working on and Hear what the community wants to see in Pinot.

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    (May 7-9) Real-Time Analytics Summit 2024

    Join us in San Jose, CA, to learn about real-time data from thought leaders and connect with like-minded professionals. The Agenda is now live.

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    White Paper

    Comprehensive instructions and in-depth use cases

    How LinkedIn Brought Real-Time Analytics to Users

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    Modern OLAP for Real-Time and User-Facing Analytics

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    Case Study

    Find out how different companies and industries are utilizing Apache Pinot™ and StarTree Products

    Delivering Analytics Infra at Scale to FinTech with StarTree Cloud Powered by Apache Pinot

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    Dialpad Powers Real-Time Customer Intelligence with StarTree Cloud


    Uniqode: 10x Faster Queries with Apache Pinot and StarTree over Elasticsearch



    Make real-time analytics an integral part of your corporate data ecosystem

    Apache Kafka and Apache Pinot

    Integrate data streams directly from open source Apache Kafka into Apache Pinot.


    Delta Lake and StarTree

    Integrate data from your lakehouse into StarTree Cloud for real-time analytics.


    Apache Pulsar and Apache Pinot

    Building a Real-Time IoT Application with Pulsar and Pinot

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    Apache Pinot and Tableau

    Visualize your data for business intelligence applications



    Discover our technology partnerships in the data space

    Confluent and StarTree

    Combine Confluent Cloud data streaming with StarTree Cloud real-time user-facing analytics.


    AWS and StarTree

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes for a perfect pairing with StarTree Cloud.


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    Let us turn your data into one of your greatest assets.

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