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    Trusted by industry leaders
    Peter Bakkum
    Engineering Manager
    “Pinot enables us to execute sub-second, petabyte-scale aggregation queries over fresh financial events in our internal ledger. We chose Pinot because of its rich feature set and scalability, which has enabled better performance than our previous solution — at a lower cost.”
    Just Eat
    Just Eat
    Soyinka Majumder
    Head of Marketing Analytics
    “StarTree Cloud made it easy to get started with Pinot and real-time applications. We were able to ingest batch data and use real-time apps to significantly reduce Mean Time To Detect and Mean Time To Respond for key business metrics. From the open source phase to getting clusters ready for production, StarTree provided fast responses and solved user problems.”

    Apache Pinot by the Numbers

    Real-Time analytics for your business and your users, delivered by the original creators of Apache Pinot.™

    1 Trillion



    Data Size

    < 1 s

    Query Latency

    1 Million




    < 100 ms

    Query Latency


    Data Size



    < 100ms

    query latency

    Data to Real-Time Apps

    StarTree delivers a complete suite of products to take you from data to real-time applications.

    Data Manager

    No-code, self-service tool for Apache Pinot.

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    State-of-the-art anomaly detection, monitoring, and interactive root-cause analysis.

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    OSS Apache Pinot

    Get up and running, building amazing real-time analytics applications for a multitude of use cases.

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    better insights. better decisions.

    What is Real-Time Analytics?

    Meet You Anywhere in Your Real-Time Journey

    Flexibility to choose the deployment model that fits your needs.

    Wherever you are on your real-time analytics journey, StarTree’s suite of product options has you covered.


    • StarTree Cloud

      Fully-managed, real-time analytics environment with additional features required for production, with the flexibility to choose you deployment model - you can Bring-Your-Own Cloud (BYOC) or choose our SaaS option.

    • StarTree Community Edition

      Easily enhance your real-time analytics environment with StarTree Data Manager and StarTree ThirdEye for advanced no-code data management and anomaly detection capabilities.

    • OSS Apache Pinot

      Get up and running, building amazing real-time analytics applications for a multitude of use cases.

    Faster, Smarter data analytics

    Pinot for Your Thoughts

    Fresh thoughts on the future of real-time analytics from StarTree, the Pinot community, and other smart folks.

    StarTreeReal-Time AnalyticsNews

    A New Phase of Growth for StarTree and the Real-Time User-Facing Analytics Movement

    This has come a little over a year since we emerged from stealth mode and announced StarTree series A. We’ve come a long way in this...

    Kishore Gopalakrishna
    Kishore Gopalakrishna

    AnalyticsApache Pinot

    Announcing Self-Service StarTree Cloud for Developers

    We are excited to announce StarTree’s Self-Service Cloud. With this preview version, developers across the world can ingest data into...

    Rohit Agarwalla
    Rohit Agarwalla


    Capacity Planning in Apache Pinot Part 2

    In part 1 of this two-part blog series, we looked at the key factors that a cluster admin needs to consider for the capacity planning of a pinot cluster.

    Kulbir Nijjer
    Sandeep Dabade
    Sandeep Dabade+1

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