StarTree ThirdEye

Real-Time Business Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis Powered by Apache Pinot™

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    What is StarTree ThirdEye?

    StarTree ThirdEye is an application that runs on top of StarTree Cloud, and watches for deviations in your mission-critical business operations. It allows you to spot real-time fluctuations in your key metrics, perform root-cause analysis, and respond immediately.

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      Connect to Data in Real-Time or Offline

      StarTree ThirdEye watches over your real-time data streams for anomalies while also understanding past historical trends and user behavior patterns. Ensure your metrics and KPIs are based on actual data, not guesstimates.

      Detect Anomalies with Better Accuracy

      StarTree ThirdEye lets you spot exactly what’s wrong when and as it happens. Other anomaly detection systems are based on simplistic thresholds, resulting in too many false positives or, conversely, blindspots in your alerting.

      Fix Issues Fast with Interactive Root-Cause Analysis

      StarTree ThirdEye provides deep insights into why anomalies occur. Drill down on dimensions. Correlate real-world events with your real-time data. This lets you take effective action, rather than waiting for the eventual post mortems.

      StarTree ThirdEye Industry Use Cases

      Business owners have clear expectations for their normal course of business. A business metric anomaly is any sudden and significant deviation from those expectations — whether above or below normal bounds. Imagine a sudden drop-off of orders in the middle of the day or, oppositely, too many users flooding a shopping website because of a flash product demand.

      Anomaly detection for mission-critical applications is nothing new. Many real-time data domains such as observability for applications, systems, networks, and cloud services, fraud detection and cybersecurity have all had real-time anomaly detection as a critical capability for decades. Yet such anomaly detection was focused at the technical level because, to date, applications weren’t designed specifically with business stakeholders in mind.

      It starts by syncing your mission-critical data into the StarTree Cloud platform, powered by Apache Pinot™. Designed for fast and scalable real-time analytics, StarTree Cloud lets you establish a baseline of actual performance. Then, within the StarTree ThirdEye application you can set thresholds, bounds and tolerances for expected performance based upon your business goals and objectives.

      StarTree ThirdEye watches to ensure your actual real-world data conforms with your expectations for performance, providing enterprise visibility through customized dashboards. Whenever there is a deviation from expected behavior, stakeholders are immediately alerted so they can take appropriate action, responding to real-world urgencies and real-time emergent situations.

      StarTree ThirdEye allows you to drill down in real time on specific segments of data to see what is underlying changing business metrics. Other analytics systems provide you feedback hours or days too late — long after the situation has impacted your business, and leaving you incapable of reacting in the moment. With StarTree ThirdEye you can now watch over your business and stay in tune with your customers, suppliers and partners.

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