StarTree Data Manager

Easy No-Code, Self-Service Data Ingestion from Real-Time and Batch Sources

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    What is StarTree Data Manager?

    StarTree Data Manager is an application available within StarTree Cloud for self-service data ingestion from both real-time updates such as data streaming sources and transactional databases, as well as batch data systems, such as data warehouses and object stores. You can even combine ingestion from both real-time and historical batch sources to provide a full view of your data.



      What is StarTree Cloud?

      StarTree Cloud is a fully-managed user-facing real-time analytics Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) designed for OLAP at massive speed and scale. Based on Apache Pinot™, StarTree Cloud provides enterprise-grade reliability and advanced capabilities such as tiered storage, plus additional indexes and connectors. It integrates seamlessly with transactional databases and event streaming platforms, ingesting data at millions of events per second and indexing it for lightning-fast query responses. StarTree Cloud is available on your favorite public cloud or for private SaaS deployment.


        Supported Real-Time Data Sources

        Apache Kafka

        Confluent Cloud

        Amazon Kinesis

        Amazon MKS


        Azure Event Hub

        Apache Pulsar


        Supported Batch Data Sources

        Google Cloud Storage

        Azure Data Lake Storage

        Amazon S3


        Apache Hadoop

        Data Warehouses/Lakehouses

        Google Big Query


        Delta Lake


        Supported Data Formats

        Apache Avro

        Comma-Separated Values (CSV)


        Optimized Row Columnar (ORC)

        Protocol Buffers (Protobuf)

        Apache Thrift


        Apache Parquet

        Tab-Separated Values (TSV)


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        Announcing StarTree Data Manager, a No-Code, Self-Service Tool for Apache Pinot

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        StarTree Data Manager

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        Get your Pinot faster with StarTree Data Manager

        Introducing StarTree Data Manager: a no-code, self-service tool that helps users of all caliber to quickly get started with Pinot.

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