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The User-Facing Real-Time Analytics Platform Powered by Apache Pinot™

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    What is StarTree Cloud?

    StarTree Cloud is a fully-managed user-facing real-time analytics Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) designed for OLAP at massive speed and scale. Based on Apache Pinot™, StarTree Cloud provides enterprise-grade reliability and advanced capabilities such as tiered storage, plus additional indexes and connectors. It integrates seamlessly with transactional databases and event streaming platforms, ingesting data at millions of events per second and indexing it for lightning-fast query responses. StarTree Cloud is available on your favorite public cloud or for private SaaS deployment.


      Gain Critical Insights to Run Your Business in Real-Time

      StarTree Cloud allows all your stakeholders to watch key performance indicators in real-time. Take immediate proactive action based on insights you gain from your data.

      Integrate Event Streaming & Batch Data

      StarTree Cloud integrates with event streaming systems like Apache Kafka®. Seamlessly mix live streaming updates with batch data from your data warehouse or object stores.

      High Performance at Scale

      StarTree Cloud can ingest millions of events per second, generating blazing fast results on massively concurrent queries against petabytes without performance bottlenecks.

      Fully-Managed Service

      With StarTree Cloud you don’t need to worry about provisioning, scaling, operating, optimizing, or backing up your clusters. Your team can run lean and focus on your apps.

      Tiered Storage to Optimize Cloud Performance & Spend

      StarTree Cloud’s storage layer can span both highly performant local NVMe and cost-effective cloud object storage systems. Optimize your storage layout to meet your needs.

      Fully Secure & Enterprise Ready

      StarTree Cloud provides full data protection, including SSL/TLS & encrypted storage, Single Sign On (SSO), plus role-based (RBAC) & attribute-based (ABAC) access controls.

      Flexible Deployment Options

      Best in Class Performance at Scale

      If you want to get up and running quickly but don’t have significant operational experience running your own cloud services, you’re in luck! You can run your analytical workloads using our fully managed, single-tenant Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS).

      Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

      If you prefer to integrate your analytical workloads into your existing cloud infrastructure and applications, you can deploy StarTree Cloud in AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. It’s still fully managed, and in the environment you’re most comfortable using.

      Applications Built on StarTree Cloud

      StarTree Data Manager

      Get productive quickly using StarTree Data Manager. It is a no-code suite of tools to ingest data from event streaming services such as Apache Kafka®, or to upload batch data from data lakes or cloud object stores such as Amazon S3®. Included for all StarTree Cloud users.

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      StarTree ThirdEye

      Provides real-time business anomaly detection, keeping watch for when your operations fall outside expected bounds. Allows you to observe, conduct root cause analysis (RCA) and act effectively in minutes, not hours or days. StarTree ThirdEye is licensed separately.

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      Stripe uses StarTree Cloud to Power Petabyte-Scale Financial Analysis

      1 Trillion



      Data Size

      < 1 s

      Query Latency
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      Case Study

      Sovrn: Revolutionizing AdTech with Apache Pinot and Real-Time Analytics Powered by StarTree

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