AWS and StarTree

For Cloud-Native Real-Time Analytics

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes for a perfect pairing with StarTree Cloud. StarTree Cloud, powered by Apache Pinot™, is a user-facing real-time analytics database-as-a-service (DBaaS) designed for high speed and massive scale built on top of a robust, efficient and scalable cloud-native architecture.

StarTree Cloud can meet the demanding SLAs/SLOs you need while ensuring you get the best TCO/ROI for your analytics platform. Deploy StarTree Cloud using fast and powerful Amazon EC2 I4i instances or on more cost-effective EC2 instance types, taking advantage of the advanced tiered storage features available within StarTree Cloud.


Customers Running StarTree on AWS

Learn from your peers why they chose to run their StarTree-powered analytics applications in their AWS environments, and how they operate real-time OLAP at speed and scale.

Sovrn Chooses Real-Time Data with StarTree Cloud


    Stripe uses StarTree, Powered by Apache Pinot


      Advantages of StarTree Cloud

      StarTree Cloud has many advantages over other real-time analytics databases. It also offers advantages over open source Apache Pinot. Here’s a few key features to consider:

      Fast Data Streaming Ingestion

      StarTree Data Manager makes no-code data ingestion from real-time data streams easy to configure and manage. Whether you use AWS Kinesis, Amazon MSK, Confluent Cloud, RedPanda, Apache Kafka or Apache Pulsar, StarTree Cloud can ingest it all to keep your data analytics fresh.

      Integrate with Batch Data Sources

      StarTree Cloud can also ingest data stored in data warehouses such as Delta Lake, Snowflake or BigQuery, from transactional SQL/NoSQL databases that support Change Data Capture (CDC), or in files kept on cloud object stores like Amazon S3. You can even use StarTree to create hybrid tables by integrating real-time data streams with historical data.

      Advanced Tiered Storage Options

      StarTree’s advanced tiered storage provides a range of storage options for different kinds of data. Your most recent, freshest data may require blazing fast locally attached Nitro NVMe SSDs such as found in the AWS EC2 I4i family. Or you may be able to meet your SLAs just fine with instances backed by Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS). You can also place less-frequently used data on affordable Amazon S3 cloud object storage. The good news is that you can configure StarTree Cloud’s tiered storage however you wish to keep you within your SLAs and your budget.

      Learn More About Tiered Storage

      Available as SaaS or BYOC

      Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

      StarTree Cloud frees you from having to manage any operational aspect of our Software-as-a-Service. You just consume the service as you need while both the control plane and data plane run in our AWS account. Best of all, StarTree Cloud SaaS customers run as single tenants, providing you with peak performance and strong security.

      Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

      StarTree Cloud also allows you to Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) and have the data plane run in your own account. It’s still fully managed like our SaaS offering, but with BYOC all your data, and all your data instances, remain under your control, while StarTree’s team of experts can remotely configure and manage your clusters. This brings together the best of both worlds – security of data in your cloud account and the convenience of SaaS.

      Get Started Today

      With StarTree Cloud on AWS you can set up data ingestion in minutes. There’s no time like the present to sign up for a free trial account. You can also talk to our team to see a demo and learn how to migrate your data to StarTree Cloud.