Delta Lake and StarTree

For Data Lakehouse and Real-Time Analytics

Delta Lake

At the core of the Databricks® Lakehouse Platform lies Delta Lake, an innovative technology that seamlessly blends the capabilities of a data warehouse with the analytical prowess of a data lake. This unified Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) system empowers modern data enterprises with a robust and reliable solution.

StarTree Cloud for Real-Time, User-Facing Analytics

StarTree Cloud is the real-time OLAP platform for user-facing analytics. Real-time analytics require you to search through petabyte-scale data at sub-second speeds — even as low as single-digit milliseconds. User-facing analytics means opening up your analytics systems to all parties, whether internal users, partners, or external users. So now you have to produce results at low latencies for potentially hundreds of thousands of queries per second. All while simultaneously ingesting data from Delta Lake tables and live event streaming systems at the rate of millions of objects per second.

Why You Need Both

A data lakehouse is the source of truth and database of record for large enterprises. Its ability to manage data at massive scale means they can support a high volume and high variety of integrated sources.

However, lakehouses were never designed for data velocity — use cases where latencies need to remain sub-second, where ingestion occurs at millions of events per second, and where user-facing analytics means high concurrency at the scale of tens or hundreds of thousands of queries per second (QPS). This is where StarTree Cloud shines.

Combining the power of both the data lakehouse and the real-time, user-facing analytics platform means that enterprises can gain insights from analyzing both long-term historical trends, as well as the freshest of real-time data updates.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Real-Time Data

StarTree Cloud includes a Delta Lake connector within StarTree Data Manager, our no-code toolset for integrating all your data sources. Use it to ingest data from event streaming, batch-oriented systems, and cloud object stores to run real-time analytics on a complete view of your enterprise data.

Powered by Open Source: Delta Lake and Apache Pinot

Delta Lake is an open source project that provides a storage framework for building data lakehouse architectures. Delta Lake is a project of the Linux Foundation.

The StarTree Cloud platform is powered by Apache Pinot™ for real-time, user-facing indexing and querying. Apache Pinot also requires Apache Helix and Apache Zookeeper for cluster and metadata management. These three projects are top-level projects of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

Get Started Today

If you are a Delta Lake and StarTree Cloud customer you can set up your data ingestion in minutes. If you are not yet using both of these solutions in your data architecture, there’s no time like the present to put your data in motion. Contact our team to learn how to combine the power of Delta Lake and StarTree.


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