Announcing General Availability of StarTree ThirdEye for Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Madhumita Mantri
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May 9, 20244 minutes read

Today marks a significant milestone for StarTree as we announce the General Availability of StarTree ThirdEye, our state-of-the-art anomaly detection solution. Designed to empower businesses with real-time insights, StarTree ThirdEye is the culmination of relentless innovation, deep industry expertise, and a commitment to operational excellence.

Large enterprise users of StarTree ThirdEye, including Just Eat Takeaway, have reported significant improvements. ThirdEye users have reduced anomaly detection times from over hours to minutes, achieving an impressive 95% accuracy. This translates to 10-20% cost savings through faster problem resolution and greater operational efficiency.

What is StarTree ThirdEye?

StarTree ThirdEye for anomaly detection and root cause analysis

In an era where data velocity and volume are exponential, traditional anomaly detection tools fall short. StarTree ThirdEye is an application that runs on top of StarTree Cloud and watches for deviations in your mission-critical business operations. It allows you to spot real-time fluctuations in your key metrics, perform root-cause analysis, and respond immediately. Built on the powerful foundation of StarTree Cloud and Apache Pinot, StarTree ThirdEye unlocks growth opportunities and enhances operational monitoring and anomaly detection across the organization across product, business, and engineering domains with an automated, democratized, and self-service user experience.

How does StarTree ThirdEye work?

Connect to data, visualize recommendations, select an algorithm, “auto-tune”, apply filters to eliminate noise, create an alert, schedule, and notify.

StarTree ThirdEye uses data science and statistical methods to determine whether an event falls within expected values or is an anomaly. For example, it can look back at historical data to see if a certain real-time fluctuation in behavior falls within a predicted trend based on the effects of seasonality. This provides greater accuracy than simple minimum or maximum threshold values that other alert systems offer and minimizes annoying and distracting false positive results.

Diagram of how StarTree ThirdEye works

Once you have determined if an event was an actual anomaly, ThirdEye enables you to see which dimensions are most likely to have influenced that anomaly and then perform root cause analysis. Is the anomaly impacting a certain application platform (mobile, web) or operating system, or is it found across the board? Is it limited to a geographic location or demographic? This allows you to correlate the anomaly to the most relevant underlying factors that produced it.

From there you can send alerts however and to whoever you need, whether those are downstream systems or teams of humans responsible for real-time response.


The journey: From MVP to market leader

The journey of StarTree ThirdEye from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to an industry-leading platform has been driven by real-world success stories. Across FinTech, Logistics, Retail, and E-commerce, companies have leveraged StarTree ThirdEye for enhanced real-time monitoring and root-cause analysis, demonstrating its impact on operational efficiency and decision-making.

Here’s a timeline showing the journey of ThirdEye, from early wins to general availability:

Timeline showing noteworthy milestones of StarTree ThirdEye

StarTree ThirdEye’s key milestones since 2022

StarTree ThirdEye has achieved several key milestones since 2022, showing the continuous development and improvement of ThirdEye capabilities. We can expect even more innovation in this field as we move forward.

Development milestones for StarTree ThirdEye

ThirdEye's key features and innovations

ThirdEye offers a variety of features to provide a fast, flexible, and intuitive experience for users. Key features and innovations include:

  • Reduced time for detection

  • Data analyzer

  • Dimension recommender

  • Applied science

  • Anomaly detection scenarios

  • Notifications and reduced time to resolution

  • User interface

  • Interactive root cause analysis

Learn more in the chart below:



Reduced Time for Detection [Learn more]

Connects to real-time and historical data sources at scale, detecting anomalies with a point-and-click experience.

"With StarTree ThirdEye's rapid anomaly detection, we catch fraudulent transaction patterns hours, sometimes even days, sooner than before, minimizing potential losses." - Risk Analytics, FinTech Company

Data Analyzer

Analyzes time-series data at scale with dimension-level granularity on Apache Pinot, enabling sub-second response time for aggregate queries and outlier detection.

Dimension Recommender [Learn more]

Intelligently suggests the most relevant dimensions for analysis, streamlining the anomaly identification process and enabling faster, more accurate insights.

"The Dimension Recommender is a lifesaver! It helps us pinpoint relevant data points instantly, streamlining our analysis for faster insights on customer spending and churn." - Lead Data Platform Engineer, Food Delivery Company

Applied Science

Runs and fine-tunes anomaly detection models on time-series data with a low-code/no-code experience, eliminating the need for coding and data pipeline maintenance.

"StarTree ThirdEye's advanced algorithms stay a step ahead in identifying subtle shifts within our payment gateway data, helping us ensure a seamless user experience." - Data Science Manager, FinTech Company

Anomaly Detection Scenarios

Supports multiple time-series anomaly patterns like stable, uptrending, seasonality, and regular spikes.

Notifications and Reduced Time to Resolution
[Learn more]

An interactive UI for root cause analysis, offering actionable insights and a heatmap of dimensions contributing to metrics spikes or drops.

“I love the customizable notification system in StarTree ThirdEye. It pinpoints unusual activity in our sales transactions, allowing for quick action to protect revenue fulfillment." - Sales Operations Director, eCommerce Company

User Interface
[Learn more]

User-friendly interface for easy setup and use with a point-and-click, low-code/no-code experience.

"I was worried about onboarding the wider team, but StarTree ThirdEye's intuitive interface had everyone up and running in no time." - Sr Director Engineering, Fintech Company

Interactive Root Cause Analysis
[Learn more]

Empowers users to investigate real-time data anomalies deeply, uncovering underlying causes like technical glitches or campaign issues, enabling rapid and informed decision-making.

“StarTree ThirdEye allows us to be on top of our core metrics and instantly find out the root cause of data anomalies due to its strong Root Cause Analysis feature.” - Central Analytics Team at JET (JustEat

Customization and Flexibility

Allows users to customize algorithms and parameters, and build custom apps via APIs for specific business use cases.

Support and Documentation

Includes comprehensive documentation and StarTree community Slack support.

"The StarTree ThirdEye support team is exceptionally responsive! Their documentation is clear and easily searchable, which has saved us valuable time." - Data Analyst, eCommerce Company

Anomaly detection use cases across industries

Anomaly detection can be applied to use cases across industries, including:

  • Real-time monitoring and anomaly detection

  • Fraud detection and prevention

  • Data quality and system health

  • Online shopping and retailers

  • Financial services

  • Online ordering and delivery services

  • Social media and community platforms

Use Case


Real-Time Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time to identify trends for unlocking actionable insights across business, product, application, and time series metrics.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Monitor fraudulent activity, protecting the business and customers.

Data Quality and System Health

Ensure data accuracy and system performance for reliable decision-making and seamless operations.

Online Shopping and Retailers

Monitor conversion rates and order spikes/drops; analyze trends.

Financial Services

Detect fraud; monitor transaction failure rates and stock trends.

Online Ordering and Delivery Services

Track unexpected delays and order cancellations; monitor delivery routes.

Social Media and Community Platforms

Measure spikes/dips in DAU/MAU, site responsiveness, and user engagement.

What’s next for StarTree ThirdEye?

Looking ahead, StarTree ThirdEye will continue to push the boundaries of anomaly detection with features like automated data quality improvements, GenAI-powered alerts, and enriched notification workflows. Our roadmap is a testament to our commitment to innovation, driven by the feedback and needs of our global customer base.

Upcoming ThirdEye features for 2024 and beyond include:



Automated Data Quality

Fix bad data with automated data profiling insights and anomaly detection to eliminate noise/false alarms from bad data.

GenAI Smart Alerts

Alert recommendations using Generative AI to learn the historical data pattern and applied business context in massive and live data.


Root cause analysis with correlated metrics analysis and improved storytelling in simple English using GenAI.

Composite Alerts

Single click multiple alert monitoring.

Enriched Notifications and Workflows

Customize notifications and build automated workflows for deeper integrations with the ecosystem.

Experience the future of anomaly detection today

The General Availability of StarTree ThirdEye is not just a milestone for us; it's an invitation for businesses worldwide to redefine what’s possible in anomaly detection. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and actionable insights, StarTree ThirdEye is ready to transform, respond to the data, and provide actionable insights to confidently make decisions.

The StarTree ThirdEye journey continues with a relentless focus on innovation.  Join us as we push the boundaries of anomaly detection and empower businesses to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Start your free trial, or contact us today to schedule a personalized demo and see how StarTree ThirdEye can revolutionize your business!

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