We sat down with Sovrn to help them bring real-time analytics to their customers. Sovrn is leveraging Tiered Storage to manage data storage, which allows them to save money on cloud storage and keep their customers' data for when they need it! Previously, it would take them 24-48 hours to report back on an event, but with StarTree's Tiered Storage capabilities they are able to report back on analyitics in seconds rather than days. Sovrn is a leader in the AdTech industry, supporting and advocating for their publishers like no other. Their mission is to help publishers do more of what they love - building content & distributing that content to their readers. This led them to build user-facing real-time analytics with us! StarTree Cloud provides managed hosting for Apache Pinot and additional services to make it easy for businesses like Sovrn to adopt real-time analytics. With StarTree Cloud they can handle over 180 million view events, 10 million click events, and 1 million revenue events across their platform of 2700 publishers.