We recently partnered with Sovrn to help them bring real-time analytics to their customers. Hear from Sovrn's Vice President of Engineering, Ryan Chichiroco.

About Sovrn

Sovrn is a leader in the AdTech industry, supporting and advocating for their publishers like no other. Their mission is to help publishers do more of what they love - building content & distributing that content to their readers. This led them to build user-facing real-time analytics with us! 

StarTree Cloud

Sovrn's analytics platform helps publishers understand their content’s revenue impact and optimize it. Previously, it could provide data back to the publisher in a day or two. With StarTree Cloud, they can see changes in revenue, clicks, and page views in less than a second. 

StarTree Cloud provides managed hosting for Apache Pinot and additional services to make it easy for businesses like Sovrn to adopt real-time analytics. With StarTree Cloud, they can handle over 180 million view events, 10 million click events, and 1 million revenue events across their platform of 2700 publishers. 

Tiered Storage

Sovrn is also leveraging Tiered Storage to manage data storage. Tiered Storage allows Sovrn to save money on cloud storage and keep its customers' data when needed! 

"Using tiered storage, we can keep costs down but still have access to that data until we have the information we need to move that data out. Q4 is always a busy time for our publishers, and they want to look back potentially a year or two years ago and see what that is," said Ryan Chichiroco, VP of Engineering at Sovrn. "We don’t want to keep that data necessarily unless we know that our customers need it. By using tiered storage, we still have access to that data if we want to go get it."

"It’s been smooth sailing for Sovrn since implementing Pinot in late 2022. StarTree has conducted live upgrades, minimizing downtime...," said Alex Woodie, Managing Editor at Datanami. "But the big news is that Sovrn’s affiliate marketing customers now have access to much fresher data than before. The 24 to 48 hour lag between when consumers do something on the Internet and when their activity is logged into Pinot has all but been eliminated."

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Thanks to the Sovrn Team

Working with the team at Sovrn has been an absolute pleasure. Their Vice President of Engineering, Ryan Chichiroco, advocates for building real-time analytics. Chris Prokopiak is a Principal Software Engineer who led StarTree and Pinot adoption at Sovrn. StarTree and the Apache Pinot community recently recognized him for his contributions as a member of the StarTree All-Stars Class of 2023. 

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