Apache Pinot supports data ingestion from a wide variety of sources such as streaming (eg: Kafka, Pulsar, Kinesis), batch (eg: S3, GCS, HDFS) as well as data warehouses (eg: Snowflake, BigQuery). Configuring ingestion properties for all these data sources within the Pinot table config can be tedious. In addition, users also have to specify additional settings such as data partitioning, column indexes, retention, quotas and so on which makes it cumbersome for beginners to start onboarding Pinot tables. StarTree’s Data Manager is a no-code, self-service tool that helps users of all calibers quickly get started with Pinot. It recently has undergone a revamp that provides a pleasant step by step experience to connect to your data source and start ingesting data. In addition, Data Manager uses data sampling and data preview techniques to ensure that your data model and Pinot indexes are configured for ingestion. With Data Manager, StarTree users are able to start querying data in Pinot faster than ever.