StarTree Serverless

Get Started with Real-Time Analytics in Your Own Fully-Managed Cloud-Native Serverless Environment

Introducing StarTree Serverless, a fully-managed cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering of StarTree Cloud. It’s the infrastructure behind our new StarTree Cloud Free Tier, available to you at zero cost. StarTree Serverless allows developers to get started ingesting data and deriving insights in no time. No need to provision infrastructure or software. Best of all, our Free Tier is available for as long as you need. Learn to master Apache Pinot, prototype, and share your experience with colleagues without any timed trial limitation.

Use StarTree Cloud For Free

    Get Set, Go!

    Starting with StarTree has never been this easy. You will instantly be assigned a full-featured StarTree workspace in seconds.

    • Simply register to start ingesting data and run queries instantly

    • Automatically migrate to a production cluster when you’re ready

    • Fully managed by StarTree

    • No credit card required



      Learn Free Online
      No need to download a Docker image to get started. Get your own cluster to master Apache Pinot
      Share with Colleagues
      Invite your teammates to work on the same development workspace. Great for collaboration during rapid prototyping
      Better Developer Experience (DX)
      Use a fully cloud-native developer environment for building your cloud native applications
      Instant Onboarding
      Register for free and get started with your StarTree workspace in seconds
      Work at Your Pace
      Run developer workloads as long as you want and scale up when you are ready. No more 30-day trial limitations
      StarTree Query Console
      Our brand-new, reimagined UX, offering syntax highlighting and semantic query validation at your fingertips
      Rich Ingestion Capabilities
      With StarTree Data Manager, ingest and transform data from various sources and data formats (Kafka, S3, Snowflake, DeltaLake)
      No-Code Data Modeling
      Automatically infer schema, instantly add derived columns and get a preview of your transformations in seconds
      Automated Index Recommendations
      Datasets are automatically optimized with index recommendations, offering the best fit from Pinot’s many supported index types


      Users can get their own StarTree Serverless environment using StarTree Cloud Free Tier. A full-featured development workspace is instantly accessible after validating the email address you signed up with. No credit card is needed. Users can use this workspace for as long as they need for free.

      StarTree Serverless is currently supported on AWS. We plan to support other cloud providers in due time.

      StarTree Serverless is a full-featured offering, including advanced features like our Query Console and StarTree Data Manager. Since our StarTree Serverless Free Tier is intended for development purposes only, some limits apply as documented here.

      StarTree Serverless on our Free Tier is meant for development workloads. For production workloads we offer SaaS and BYOC (Bring Your Own Cluster) offerings. See our Pricing page for details on our Standard and Premium offerings, or contact us for enterprise pricing.

      StarTree offers different options to suit your production needs including SaaS and BYOC options. You can upgrade from StarTree Serverless Free Tier to another tier any time.

      StarTree Serverless is not meant for production deployments. We offer a 99% uptime SLA.

      StarTree Serverless provides a StarTree Cloud Free Tier environment. No credit card is needed.