StarTree Cloud Billing & Pricing Details

Visit our Pricing Page for a detailed breakdown of our available packages and pricing structures.

Our pricing structure is divided into three tiers: Development, Standard, and Premium. Each tier is designed to support different aspects of application development and deployment. Below are detailed descriptions of each tier.


    Free tier is offered to the developer community to enable rapid prototyping and development of real time analytics applications. With this tier users get a logically isolated serverless workspace in a large capacity cluster.

    Item Quantity Notes
    StarTree Compute Units 1 Burstable to 24 vCPU
    StarTree Data Units (GB) 100  


    Standard clusters are suitable for production-ready workloads. This plan includes all the features available in StarTree Cloud, and comes with Standard Support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The purpose of the Standard service is to allow you to go live with your applications without incurring a large upfront cost.

    Users can grow their footprint in a flexible manner, adding additional compute and storage based on their workload requirements. The cluster in this tier comes with the following default capacity and will cost $999/Month if billed annually, or $1,249 a month:

    Item Quantity Notes
    StarTree Compute Units 5 20 vCPUs (Brokers + Servers)
    StarTree Data Units (GB) 1,000 Extend capacity as needed
    StarTree Tiered Data Units (GB) 1,000 Optional, as needed


    Cost for additional capacity:


    Description Cost Per Month
    Additional StarTree Compute Unit (SCU)1 $225.30
    Additional StarTree Data Units (SDU)2 $0.23
    Additional Tiered Storage Data Units2 $0.04


    1Each StarTree Compute Unit (SCU) is comprised of 4 vCPU + 16GB RAM
    2Each StarTree Data Unit (SDU) or Tiered Storage Data Units is comprised of 1 gigabyte (GB) of storage


    Premium clusters are available for users with larger workloads, more complex applications and tight SLA requirements. They also provide additional upfront and ongoing assistance. We are happy to work with you to understand the requirements of your applications and come up with the right sized cluster that will meet your SLAs in an efficient manner. Please reach out to one of our Solutions Architects so we can help you.

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    Example Workloads and Pricing

    The amount of compute required is a direct proxy for the query throughput, measured as Queries Per Second (QPS) expected on your application, as well as for the rate of ingestion of the data into your OLAP cluster. The effective QPS for a given cluster is tightly dependent on the underlying workload and query pattern. 

    Presented below are some rough guidelines. We strongly encourage you to assess the capacity needs that suit your application using our Development Tier for basic benchmarking and load testing. We are happy to add some capacity to your cluster for a short period to ensure you can do this assessment yourself.

    Workload Description Pricing Tier Compute Units Data Units Total Monthly Cost (USD)
    Internal Data Apps; MVP Standard 5 1,000 $999
    Higher QPS Needs Standard 10 1,500 $2,241
    Storage-heavy workload with moderate QPS Standard 6 3,000 $1,684