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Discover why and how organizations are building real-time analytics platforms using such tools as Apache Pinot and Apache Kafka.

  • Learn common architectures for real-time analytics

  • Follow a step-by-step approach to deploy your own real-time applications powered by Apache Kafka and Apache Pinot

  • Learn how to write real-time queries against data stored in Apache Pinot

  • Discover how Uber, Stripe, and other leading organizations use real-time analytics

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      The Analytics Platform for Real-Time Data

      StarTree Cloud is a fully managed user-facing real-time analytics Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) designed for OLAP at massive speed and scale. Powered by Apache Pinot™, StarTree Cloud provides enterprise-grade reliability and advanced capabilities such as tiered storage, plus additional indexes and connectors. It integrates seamlessly with transactional databases and event streaming platforms, ingesting data at millions of events per second and indexing it for lightning-fast query responses. StarTree Cloud is available on your favorite public cloud or for private SaaS deployment.

        Trusted by industry leaders
        Just Eat
        Peter Bakkum
        Engineering Manager

        “Pinot enables us to execute sub-second, petabyte-scale aggregation queries over fresh financial events in our internal ledger. We chose Pinot because of its rich feature set and scalability, which has enabled better performance than our previous solution — at a lower cost.”

        Just Eat
        Just Eat
        Soyinka Majumder
        Head of Marketing Analytics

        “StarTree Cloud made it easy to get started with Pinot and real-time applications. We were able to ingest batch data and use real-time apps to significantly reduce Mean Time To Detect and Mean Time To Respond for key business metrics. From the open source phase to getting clusters ready for production, StarTree provided fast responses and solved user problems.”