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  • StarTree Cloud, powered by Apache Pinot™, is built for real-world real-time, user-facing analytics

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Begin your journey with StarTree Cloud, a user-facing, real-time analytics platform, purpose built for delivering massive speed at scale. Powered by Apache Pinot™, StarTree Cloud can easily ingest data from real-time event streaming systems such as Apache Kafka, object stores like Amazon S3, or batch-oriented systems.

    Achieve Maximum Data Insights

    Experience the power of StarTree Data Manager, which is designed to effortlessly handle high-velocity data streams. With our highly flexible indexing options, you can query your data in numerous ways and unlock its full potential. See how we can help you achieve maximum data insights, empowering you to analyze millions of events per second and receive actionable results in real-time.

      Designed for Event Streaming

      StarTree Cloud is a next-generation scalable customer-facing real-time analytics database that is production-ready for public cloud environments. You have the flexibility to choose between running on our environment or bringing your own cloud (BYOC) for a lean and efficient operation. Unleash the full potential of your data with StarTree Cloud today!

        Peter Bakkum
        Engineering Manager

        “Pinot enables us to execute sub-second, petabyte-scale aggregation queries over fresh financial events in our internal ledger. We chose Pinot because of its rich feature set and scalability, which has enabled better performance than our previous solution — at a lower cost.”

        Just Eat
        Just Eat
        Soyinka Majumder
        Head of Marketing Analytics

        “StarTree Cloud made it easy to get started with Pinot and real-time applications. We were able to ingest batch data and use real-time apps to significantly reduce Mean Time To Detect and Mean Time To Respond for key business metrics. From the open source phase to getting clusters ready for production, StarTree provided fast responses and solved user problems.”