StarTree Announces Commercial Availability of User-Facing Analytics Platform Raising the Bar for Speed, Scalability and Performance

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June 9, 20214 minutes read

StarTree Cloud is built on the same technology used by LinkedIn and Uber to democratize data and empower more users with fresh insights

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StarTree, Inc. today announced the commercial availability of its “blazing-fast” cloud analytics-as-a-service platform, making it easier for organizations to share self-service analytics with their most important external stakeholders: their customers, partners, and members. Built around the popular Apache Pinot™, the new StarTree Cloud uniquely delivers fresh analytics at scale with low latency for thousands or millions of users.

Built for progressive data-driven companies to help increase engagement and revenue through real-time user-facing analytics, the platform enables companies to build rich, interactive data-driven analytical applications to empower their customers and users to make informed decisions with the most up-to-date information.

StarTree was founded by Apache Pinot’s creators, who built and operated the real-time analytics platform at LinkedIn and Uber. Apache Pinot has now been proven at scale by LinkedIn, Stripe, Uber, Walmart, Weibo, WePay and many others – setting the stage for the commercial delivery of StarTree’s service.

Examples of user-facing analytics include more than 50 LinkedIn products, all powered by Apache Pinot, ingesting millions of events per second and serving more than 150,000 queries per second at millisecond latency. Sample applications include LinkedIn’s Who Viewed My Profile, LinkedIn’s Company Analytics and UberEats Restaurant Manager.

“Apache Pinot revolutionized the way LinkedIn thinks about data analytics and delivers value to our members and customers through near-real-time insights,” said Igor Perisic, Chief Data Officer, LinkedIn. “Member experiences, such as ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ data, provide valuable, personalized insights at scale to all LinkedIn members thanks to Pinot. As the first company to use this technology, we are thrilled to see StarTree moving quickly toward commercialization so the rest of the world can reap similar benefits from the platform.”

The new platform combines all the performance and scalability of Pinot with innovative features developed by StarTree to onboard data more easily and generate insights faster. Enterprises using the platform not only achieve faster time-to-value through these new capabilities, they can also benefit from all the ongoing updates to Pinot without having to manage the open source code themselves.

The StarTree Cloud platform far exceeds the performance and scalability of existing commercial systems, which top out at a fraction of the 170k queries per second that StarTree supports, enabling millions of users to access data without any impact on the system’s performance.

A premier convenience retailer is among the many leading brands that have benefited from Pinot. Getting timely and accurate data has been crucial for the successful operation of their ongoing campaigns and promotional programs across stores, mobile orders, and delivery channels. Using Pinot, they have empowered their business users to access all data and receive insights on the fly and at a very low latency. The platform has also served as a single source of truth across all lines of business, providing more accurate data. They are now planning to continue onboarding and building new applications.

StarTree also provides the deep expertise in data management and analytics needed for enterprises to keep up with the growing volume of data and the complexity of generating insights from it. This includes an architecture that supports the most robust and still-growing set of data indexes to meet the demands of new types of workloads and queries.

“Companies have a remarkable opportunity to provide insights to their users to help drive decision making and behavior,” said Kishore Gopalakrishna, co-founder and CEO of StarTree. “The next revolution in analytics is the recognition that every user is a decision maker in their own right, and that companies can add value by helping users make smart decisions.”

StarTree Cloud is built on the same real-time distributed OLAP data store as Apache Pinot. The data store can ingest from batch data sources (such as Hadoop HDFS, Amazon S3, Azure ADLS, Google Cloud Storage) as well as stream data sources (such as Apache Kafka).

StarTree’s founding team brings more than 40 years of combined experience building and operating distributed systems serving billions of users, and includes engineering leaders who developed Apache Pinot and Apache Helix, as well as other open-source projects including ThirdEye, Espresso and Samza.

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StarTree believes that all decision-makers – from the C-suite to the end-user – deserve the benefit of timely, data-driven insights. StarTree is the real-time analytics platform that brings together the scale, freshness, speed, and ease of use necessary for any company to make that vision a reality. Founded by the creators of Apache Pinot™, StarTree’s technology has been proven at scale at leading companies such as LinkedIn, Uber, Stripe and Walmart. The company is backed by Bain Capital VenturesGGV Capital and CRV. To learn more, please visit

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