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Get Ready: August’s Real-Time Analytics Summit is Right Around the Corner

Tim Berglund
ByWritten byTim Berglund
June 30, 20223 minutes read

You already know it’s happening, and now I can give you all the details: the Real-Time Analytics Summit, taking place August 16 and 17 in downtown San Francisco, has a full program to announce!

Before I give you the goods, let me remind you why this event is so critical. The analytics industry is not standing still. The long-term technological trends that are driving systems everywhere towards more and more real-time behavior aren’t just upending application architectures—they’re upending the data warehouse, the data lake, and all the dashboards you’ve ever deployed. Your colleagues at companies in all kinds of industries are building systems that give their users access to real-time analytics, bringing every single one of their customers into the community of decision makers. You should too.

This is definitely a field to watch, and this is the place to do the watching. Let’s start with the keynotes:

  • Zhamak Deghani, creator of Data Mesh, will bring us a keynote about how the Data Mesh paradigm impacts and is impacted by real-time analytics.

  • Jay Kreps, co-founder of Confluent and co-creator of Apache Kafka, will talk about his vision of the modern real-time data flow, and why systems that deliver real-time, user-facing analytics are made more valuable by this new approach to the old data pipeline.

  • Kishore Gopalakrishna, co-founder of StarTree and co-creator of Apache Pinot, will talk about how the practice of analytics has evolved over the past 30 years, where it is pointing us next, and why our tools must evolve with it.

And here’s a quick peek at some sessions:

  • StarTree’s Neha Pawar and Navina Ramesh will talk about the relationship between stream processing and real-time analytics, and how to simplify the streaming pipelines that feed the back-end database by using advanced features in Apache Pinot™.

  • Uber’s Ankit Sultana and Ujwala Tulshigiri will tell the story of how Pinot handles 200 million queries a day serving various tier-zero use cases within the company.

  • Real-time analytics requires real-time data flows, and Decodable’s co-founder and CEO Eric Sammer will give us a vendor-agnostic approach that enables both data engineers building real-time analytics pipelines and application engineers developing event-driven microservices.

  • Priyen Patel and Minish Jain, software engineers at Stripe, will tell us how they built a multi-cluster Kafka ingestion system to modernize a legacy streaming analytics platform using Pinot.

  • Madhumita Mantri of StarTree will tell us how to find anomalies by letting a computer look for them—using the community-licensed StarTree Third Eye anomaly detection system. You can spend your days looking at dashboards, but Madhu would free you from that with this interesting new tool.

And hey, it’s not just about sessions! You’ll be able to interact with sponsors like Redpanda, Singularity Data, Confluent, and Decodable on the expo floor. They’ll have their best folks onsite, ready to help you.

And just to keep things as interesting as humanly possible, we’re partnering up with StreamNative to host an in-person hackathon on August 15th, the night before the conference. We’ve opted to call the hackathon “Need for Speed” because, well, in this space that’s exactly what we need. Click that link and sign up today.

And once again, all of this will be in-person. Online events and on-demand content are wonderful, but one lesson of the recent years is that there is no substitute for meeting together face to face when it’s safe to do so. I’m really looking forward to getting to meet folks in this community in person. Register now, and when you do, use the promo code RTAS25 for 25% off. I’ll see you there!