Cracking the Code: Wins from StarTree ThirdEye (Anomaly detection) Hackathon Event

Yarden Rokach
Madhumita Mantri
ByWritten byMadhumita Mantri,Yarden Rokach
February 17, 20233 minutes read

Real-time Anomaly Detection Takes Business Metrics Monitoring to the Next Level! Hackathon winners and participants shared a few great success stories with us!

Real-time anomaly detection and impact on business metrics monitoring recently took center stage at a highly successful StarTree ThirdEye hackathon event, attracting participants and winners from diverse software development, data science, and engineering backgrounds. The event showcased their skills and presented their innovative solutions with the power of real-time anomaly detection in identifying potential issues before they turn into costly problems.

StarTree ThirdEye hackathon was held with a focus on developing software for anomaly detection. The event brought together talented software developers, data scientists, and engineers to showcase their skills and present innovative solutions to detect anomalies in various datasets.

The event was a huge success, with participants from all over the world, showcasing their knowledge and expertise in the field of anomaly detection. Teams worked tirelessly to develop software that could accurately detect anomalies in various datasets, including time-series and image data.

The judges were thoroughly impressed with the participants' high level of creativity and technical skill. After much consideration, the following teams were declared winners of the hackathon:

  • Sergey Vlasov (1st place): He presented an outstanding and complex use case “Monitoring Smart-home systems in real time” using StarTree ThirdEye. His solution and use cases included using StarTree ThirdEye and how “adding anomaly detection to Home Assistant” can be so impactful such as detecting over usage of energy consumption and overheating. The judges were impressed with his performance. Prize: $250 Amazon gift card

  • Marcel Coetzee (2nd place): He presented a stunning IoT use case. His solution used StarTree ThirdEye to automatically identify patterns in the large dataset and flag any instances that deviated from the norm for “Vehicle Telematics Analysis.” The judges were impressed with his solution, use case, and demo. Prize: $150 Amazon gift card

Special shoutouts to Leena Bagwe and Manish S who participated in this hackathon and surprised judges with their creative ideas and innovative solutions on “Improve customer experience by monitoring shipments and deliveries for an eCommerce company” and “ML ops use-case: model health monitoring enabling improved consumer app experience!” All the presenters got coins to purchase at our StarTree Swag Store.

Special shoutout to Cyril de Catheu (Employee of StarTree) who joined this hackathon, and surprised judges with his creative, outstanding solution on “Healthcare use-case ECG monitoring using StarTree ThirdEye.” In addition, he supported the hackathon participants as a cheerleader and helped make this hackathon a success! (Out of fairness to all contestants, StarTree employees were ineligible to win.)

Special credits to Shonak Kulkarni, Gnanaguru Sattanathan, Allison Murphy, and Maxmillan Lau for driving awareness, promoting the hackathon, helping Hackathon users to run the software seamlessly, and making it a smooth run for all the participants.

Special thanks to our judges Tim Berglund (VP of Developer Relations), Jitender Aswani (VP of Engineering), Tushar Thole (Head of Apps Engineering), Kulbir Nijjer (Head of Solution Architects), and Madhumita Mantri (Product Lead) for their time, encouragement to all the participants and selecting the winners for showcasing outstanding performance!

In conclusion, the hackathon event was a huge success, with participants demonstrating their expertise and creativity in the field of anomaly detection. 

The use cases and solutions showcased the power of StarTree ThirdEye to detect anomalies in various time series data. We look forward to seeing these solutions used in real-world applications, helping organizations identify and mitigate potential risks and problems.

Our ThirdEye Community is rapidly growing, and we’re excited to see the community’s enthusiasm for such events! For more to come! 

If you want to learn more about ThirdEye, check out our documentation.

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