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    Fresh thoughts on the future of real-time analytics from StarTree, the Pinot community, and other smart folks.

    StarTree CloudSaaSSelf-Serve

    Announcing Self-Service StarTree Cloud for Developers

    You already know it’s happening, and now I can give you all the details: the Real-Time Analytics Summit, taking place August 16...

    Rohit Agarwalla
    Rohit Agarwalla

    Community EditionStarTree

    Introducing StarTree ThirdEye: Anomaly Detection and Insights with Apache Pinot

    StarTree has built an anomaly detection system called StarTree ThirdEye. It has statistical anomaly detection methods, monitoring, and interactive root-cause analysis to convert the anomalous data into actionable insights.

    Madhumita Mantri
    Madhumita Mantri

    StarTreeReal-Time AnalyticsNews

    A New Phase of Growth for StarTree and the Real-Time User-Facing Analytics Movement

    This has come a little over a year since we emerged from stealth mode and announced StarTree series A. We’ve come a long way in this...

    Kishore Gopalakrishna
    Kishore Gopalakrishna